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TSSOM Blog, Day 45 of 2012 Training Cruise

Sunday, June 17th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company: Utility

Bravo Company: Watch

Charlie Company: Training

Delta Company: Maintenance


Starting early this morning we transited the Crooked Island Passage and are now heading northwest through the Old Bahama Channel on our way to the Straits of Florida. Seas are calm, and the weather turned warmer and a little more humid.

Today was Father’s Day, and dining services helped celebrate the day with a prime rib dinner and special deserts. It was a great meal! Many on board were getting emails wishing them a Happy Father’s Day, while the students certainly sent out their share of Happy Father’s Day greetings to their Dads as well. Although the days of the week do not necessarily mean that much when at sea, the special days remind us all of home, and that does mean a lot to everyone who is out here.

So aside from the special meal, and the many pictures of students wishing their Dads well, the day still had an element of the routine. Training, maintenance, utility, and watch standing continued for all cadets as we’re down to the point of completing projects, studying for tests, and preparing for inspections.

Tomorrow --- CASINO NIGHT!!

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