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TSSOM Blog, Day 40 of 2012 Training Cruise

Tuesday, June 12th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Utility

Bravo Company:Training

Charlie Company:Watch

Delta Company:Maintenance

 In Port - BERMUDA

Liberty was granted for 2/C starting at 1000 this morning after we completed some maintenance items and loaded a few stores for Dining Services. Liberty for 4/C followed at 1045. The weather was once again near perfect for going to the beach and sightseeing around Bermuda, and it appears that all hands are taking advantage of the opportunity. We are all certainly getting our money’s worth out of the bus passes as students are ranging all over the island from the Royal Navy Dockyards to St. George, and all the beaches in between. Several have found some cliffs to jump off of just for the thrill/fun of it. It’s an activity that is not for everyone!

The work on #6 cylinder head gasket continued today and is almost complete so we should be ready to go Thursday morning. One more day of liberty Wednesday where we can buy the gifts for those back home.!

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