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TSSOM Blog, Day 38 of 2012 Training Cruise

Sunday, June 10th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Training T8

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Utility

Delta Company:Watch

 Arrival - BERMUDA

Although a regular AT SEA day, we arrived in Bermuda, picking up the pilot on our port side at 1400, then proceeded through “The Cut” to St. George, Bermuda to Penno’s Wharf. First Line was at 1436 and we were All Fast at 1506. We had the assistance of two tugs to turn the ship around prior to arriving at the pier. Our Agent and the Customs official came aboard shortly thereafter and “cleared” the ship (meaning that people could depart the ship and also come aboard.) Most of us are staying aboard tonight as it is not a liberty day. We spent the afternoon performing the necessary tasks of getting the trash off the ship, and getting it cleaned up prior to tomorrow’s liberty call.

Bermuda is a beautiful place and everyone is anxious to get out and explore it starting tomorrow. To help facilitate that, the students have purchased 3 day bus passes that normally cost $28.00 for only $5.00. The ship has paid the difference by using the “Cruise Fund”, which is money raised from cruise hat and t-shirt sales. The bus passes are good for the ferry system as well so you can literally go all around Bermuda on this pass for three days. 

Tomorrow evening we’ll start to hear of the snorkeling, shopping, sights and night life that this island has to offer!

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