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TSSOM Blog, Day 37 of 2012 Training Cruise

Saturday, June 9th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Training

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Utility

Delta Company:Watch

 Holiday - AT SEA

Today was a holiday meaning there was to be no training, no formal maintenance, no day-long utility tasks, and just a day to relax and catch-up on rest and personal time. However, we all must admit that it did not turn out that way. There was training in that Alpha Company 2/C deck cadets had to present their “passage plan” to the Captain and several training officers. Those doing maintenance were doing up to 10 hours of work on the MSD system; or “snaking” the drains in the forward 01 fan room; or various other jobs in the engine room. Dining Services was catching up on some cleaning in the galley area; and the 4/C were conducting a field day for several hours cleaning up all around the ship including their berthing areas. So perhaps not the most relaxing of holidays, but certainly a necessary one since we are preparing to arrive in Bermuda tomorrow at 1400 as opposed to Monday morning at 0800.

Once again Dining Services, helped by the grilling talents of the Deck Training Officers, put on a cookout with chicken, burgers and hot dogs. That’s a lot of work, but it is certainly appreciated by all hands!

More tomorrow from Bermuda!!


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