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TSSOM Blog, Day 32 of 2012 Training Cruise

Monday, June 4th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Utility

Bravo Company:Watch

Charlie Company:Training T6

Delta Company:Maintenance

Departing Curacao – At Sea

We’re back at sea and I think all hands are thinking this is nice that we are. Curacao will go down as a great port, but after three days of trying to take full advantage of their time off, people are just plain tired. The ship has been fairly quiet today as most of us are recuperating from the past three days.

We are currently heading to the northeast and the outer Antilles where we will navigate around and between some of the islands before heading up to the U. S. Virgin Islands where we will possibly anchor for a day before going on to Bermuda. Our schedule has us arriving on Monday, June 11th, but we’ll be firming that up over the next few days. In the meantime we are enjoying somewhat less wind (20 knots) and fairly flat seas. Great weather for work, training, or resting

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