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TSSOM Blog, Day 29 of 2012 Training Cruise

Friday, June 1st.

2100 (ZD +4)



Alpha Company:Utility/w1

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Watch 

Delta Company:Training

At Curacao

We took arrival (end of sea passage) at 0700 this morning. The pilot was due aboard at 0800 but didn’t arrive till about 0835. All fast and finished with engines was at 1012. The gangway went down at 1035. After clearing for entry, the first liberty was granted at 1100. 

Our dock is known as the Mega Pier. It’s outside the harbor, just west of the harbor entrance. Nice dock, but it’s pretty windy here all the time so we are doing a little bouncing up and down with the swells. It was sunny and warm all day. Without the wind, it would be very hot. 

South of us about 35 miles or so is Venezuela. You can see the large thunderstorms build up over the land when you look to the south. They don’t make it to Curacao because of the trade winds.

Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow.

The students are looking forward to the beach, diving, and snorkeling. The island should be able to provide all of that and more.


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