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TSSOM Blog, Day 58 of 2012 Training Cruise

Saturday, June 30th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Utility

Bravo Company:Training

Charlie Company:Watch

Delta Company:Maintenance


One could not ask for a better day for a Parent’s Cruise than what we have had today. Sunny skies, fair winds, and warm temperatures made for a delightful day!!! The excitement and enthusiasm shown by everyone was incredible to see, whether it was in boarding the parents and guests, the lunch while underway, or the arrival in Castine, it is truly a day to remember!!!

We were underway from Searsport at 0955 and proceeded down the west channel , then back up the east channel arriving at the channel buoy at 1407, then All Fast at 1530. 

Once again a big thank you is in order to the Sodexo crew who provided a cookout for over 500 people today!!!

Our guests departed at 1540, followed by the removal of our trash to the dumpster. Liberty was called shortly after that so the students could start the process of off-loading their gear.

Tomorrow is the major Off-Load Day. Stores, more trash, training materials, office materials, and personal gear all has to go, so the ship can be cleaned for the end of cruise Monday.

It’s Great to be Home!!!

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