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TSSOM Blog, Day 57 of 2012 Training Cruise

Friday, June 29th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Training

Delta Company:Utility


We spent most of the day in the Gulf of Maine, noticing the sea temperature of 60 degrees being much cooler that what we were used to in the Gulf Stream and further south where it was around 82 degrees. Obviously there was a difference in air temperature as well. But all hands are excited about being here and only one day away from the Parent’s Cruise.

Although the training schedule was completed as of Day 56, the training continued today in earnest. At 1000, we conducted a Security Exercise as called for in our Vessel Security Plan. We simulated hostile boats being in the waters around us, so we locked down by having all non-essential personnel lock themselves in their respective berthing compartments. Security Teams then went through the ship to ensure there were no vulnerable areas.

At 1530 we then conducted a Man Overboard Drill, maneuvering the ship to make the recovery, while all hands helped in looking for the victim. Oscar, the name given to the “dummy” that goes over the side, was just cardboard so he sank before we could get to him. That prompted an all hands muster at our Boat Stations to verify accountability. All were present so we moved on to the next evolution.

That happened to be Prime Rib dinner put on the Sodexo. A great way to finish the Cruise! And the next event was the Vessel Security Officer Course graduation, where the 2/C received their certificates for completing the course.

The final event was one that many will miss now that our last sea day is over. That is the free popcorn provided by the ship’s store! We’ll just have to wait until next year!!

Tomorrow’s events start early as we arrive to pick up the pilot off of Matinicus at 0400 and proceed to Searsport arriving at 0800. We’ll hopefully be bringing the Parent’s aboard by 0830 and underway by 1000. The 2/C cadets are ready to welcome them aboard and are looking for a fun day, perhaps showing off a bit of what they have learned over the past 60 days and last three years. 

Blue skies and warm sunshine would be a nice touch!!!!!

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