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TSSOM Blog, Day 50 of 2012 Training Cruise

Friday, June 22nd 

    2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Maintenance

Bravo Company:Training

Charlie Company:Utility

Delta Company:Watch


After weighing anchor at 0441, our pilot, Captain Jay Stewart, MMA ’00, came aboard at 0544 and took us up the channel to Charleston. The first line went over at 0736 and we were all fast by 0815. It was a beautiful arrival day with cool temperatures and bright sunshine. Those on Deck Parade were treated with a great view of Fort Sumter on our port side and then downtown Charleston. They also saw the USS Yorktown at the Patriot’s Point Maritime Museum on the starboard side. 

In addition to getting the ship docked and the gangway set, another major task when coming into port is off-loading the trash to dumpsters. This admittedly delays liberty for a couple of hours on our arrival days, but it makes a big difference in and around the trash room on the main deck. When that task was completed, liberty was called at 1200 for 2/C and 1215 for 4/C.

This evening there was a reception for alumni on the 03 Reception Deck. Several alumni from classes graduating within the past 10 years were present that made for a fun event. The upper class cadets took advantage of this great networking opportunity.

Hopefully more tomorrow about the sights in Charleston!


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