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TSSOM Blog, Day 47 of 2012 Training Cruise

Tuesday, June 19th

    2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Maintenance

Bravo Company:Utility

Charlie Company:Watch

Delta Company:Training

 AT SEA – Holiday Routine

Our transit today included completing the passage through New Providence Channel, then heading north around Abaco Island. We are presently heading to the North West, with a 22 knot wind on our starboard quarter. Those on the bridge observed a spectacular sunset with the red skies reflecting half-way across the sky and off the water as well. Only at sea can one experience those views! 

Today was a holiday routine, the last one of Cruise 2012. There was skeet shooting this morning, followed by an Iron Man Competition this afternoon. This involved six teams of two completing a number of exercises in the least amount of time. Congratulations to all who competed and especially to 2/C Ethan Wall and 2/C Nate Best who came in first place.

A special thanks to Dining Services who put on the cook-out on the fantail. An amazing amount of work goes into those cook-outs, and that crew makes it look easy. It is certainly a major part of every holiday and appreciated by all on board!

More tomorrow!

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