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TSSOM Blog, Day 44 of 2012 Training Cruise

Saturday, June 16th

    2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Training T9

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Utility


After going through a number of thunder showers this afternoon we are into fair weather again as we enter Crooked Island Passage in the Bahamas this evening. This weather should hold over the next few days as a high pressure system is building in the area.

Training continued with the second company, this time Bravo Company, going through enclosed space entry procedures and again using the Butterworth Tank Cleaning Machine. The 2/C Engineers from Bravo Company went through their “flashlight” exams as well.

Delta Company had Utility today, meaning they had to clean the interior spaces of the ship, which gets done at least twice daily. The 2/C on Utility are in the classroom and take their Vessel Security Officer (VSO) course taught by Captain Ralph Pundt. This will result in the cadets receiving a certificate that enables them to be Vessel Security Officers on their ships. It’s a worthwhile credential that makes them more marketable to the industry.

This leaves the 4/C to do the cleaning of the ship. A couple of supervisors from the 4/C are chosen in the morning to lead the effort of fairly routine tasks like collecting the trash and getting it to the trash room, sweeping and swabbing the decks, disinfecting the handrails throughout the ship, cleaning the public heads, and cleaning the bulkheads in the stair towers and passageways. It may appear to be mundane work, but it is essential when you have 283 people aboard working every day.

Tomorrow, the companies will shift to different tasks. For example Alpha Company will have Utility and Charlie Company will have Training.

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