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TSSOM Blog, Day 43 of 2012 Training Cruise

Friday, June 15th

    2100 (ZD +3)

(Clocks back one hour tonight.)


Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Training T8

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Utility


We are continuing on our southwesterly course towards the Bahamas. We encountered a line of showers earlier in the day as we passed through a front associated with a low pressure disturbance to the northwest of us. The seas remain moderate with 20 knots of wind from the west.

We had a Fire drill this afternoon where we pressurized four of our outside fire hoses, two forward and two aft. Good training for the E Squad! We then went to an Abandon Ship drill where all hands muster at their boat stations. All four lifeboats and the two fast rescue boats were rapidly lowered to the embarkation deck by their respective boat crews. It was a good drill and great to see the cadets demonstrating their newly learned skills. There is a huge difference in their abilities now as opposed to 5 or 6 weeks ago when the cruise began. The credit goes not only to the cadets themselves, but to the crew and training officers who have been working daily with all of them.

Tonight we are turning our clocks back one hour to coincide with the east coast. This will be the last time change of the cruise. It’s always nice to get that extra hour of sleep.

Our pictures for today’s blog include some great photos of our early morning departure from St. George, along with photos from the Mariners Club in Hamilton, Bermuda, where many students found friendly faces with reduced prices for mariners. Plaques were exchanged so now a TS STATE OF MAINE plaque is safely housed in Hamilton for all mariners to see.

More tomorrow!

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