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TSSOM Blog, Day 42 of 2012 Training Cruise

Thursday, June 14th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Training T9

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Utility

Delta Company:Watch

 Departed BERMUDA  -  AT SEA

We were underway at our planned departure time of 0630, having mustered ALL HANDS at 0600. We are currently heading southwest toward the Crooked Island Channel in the Bahamas, which will take us to the southeast of the Bahamas to the Old Bahama Channel, then to the Straits of Florida. We are not due to arrive in Charleston until Friday, June 22nd so we are taking advantage of areas where the cadets can do both terrestrial and celestial navigation to sharpen their skills. It should also put us south of a low pressure disturbance (Small Gale.) to the north and west of us.

The hard work put in by the engineers in replacing the head gasket on #6 cylinder of the main engine has paid off with the engine running smoothly again. Replacing a head gasket is great training for the engineering cadets. In order to tighten the bolts on the cylinder head, they actually have to be stretched using a hydraulic wrench that exerts in excess of 15,000 psi. 

In Deck Training, the 4/C cadets learned about enclosed space entry, while the 2/C cadets did an enclosed space entry on the fantail into one of our ballast tanks for the purpose of demonstrating the “Butterworth” tank cleaning machine. A Butterworth machine sprays high pressure water throughout the tank washing the tank sides, overhead and bottom. The machine is used primarily on oil tankers to clean their tanks. Sea water is generally used to power the machine, but fresh water can also be used. On board tankers, the water can be heated if necessary in order to remove deposits of wax that can build up on the tank walls when carrying certain cargoes.

The weather remains beautiful! What were ideal conditions for sightseeing and visiting beaches, are also ideal for prepping and painting the deck, which is what Deck Maintenance is concentrating on right now. 

More tomorrow!

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