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TSSOM Blog, Day 41 of 2012 Training Cruise

Wednesday, June 13th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Training

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Charlie Company:Utility

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 In Port – BERMUDA

Today was our last liberty day while in Bermuda and the weather has continued to be our friend bringing sunny days, light winds, and not too hot! Perfect for any and all outdoor activities. The morning will bring an early start to our day as we need to depart during a high tide, and there is a cruise ship that is trying to come into St. George at 0700. This necessitates STATE OF MAINE getting tugs alongside and the pilot aboard at 0600 so we can be underway by 0630. 

The early start means that our All Hands Muster will be at 0600 with reveille at 0515. Therefore liberty will expire one hour earlier tonight so everyone can get some rest in preparation for our underway plans. 4/C will be in by 2100 and 2/C by 2300. Once clear of the channel, we’ll be heading to the southwest towards the Bahamas. Our next port of call is Charleston, South Carolina.

Once underway, we will be back in our At Sea routine. The upper class in Charlie Company will be immersed in their Vessel Security Officer course while Alpha Company upper class engineers will be starting the “Flashlight” exams. This is where the cadets go to the engine room and are asked any number of questions about the equipment in the engine room, and they have to respond. It’s a pretty intense time for those individuals so we wish them all well!!!

During our last day, the Mayor of St. George, “Nathan”, called on TS STATE OF MAINE, giving us a plaque from St. George. President Brennan and Captain Eadie responded in kind with a STATE OF MAINE plaque. The picture of the event is part of the blog for today.

In addition, we were delighted with a visit from Ms Loretta Utano, the wife of Anthony Utano, MMA ’58 Deck, who passed away two years ago. Loretta definitely stays in touch with the Academy as she noticed in the Mariner that STATE OF MAINE was going to be in Bermuda when she was here on a cruise with her son Chris and daughter Elena, plus their four children. It was great to have her come aboard for a tour!

More tomorrow!

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