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TSSOM Blog, Day 39 of 2012 Training Cruise

Monday, June 11th

2100 (ZD +3)


Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Utility

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Training

 In Port - BERMUDA

Liberty was granted for all 2/C at 0930 and all 4/C at 0945 this morning and most all the students headed out to the beaches in the area. After one day the main attractions were the city of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyards in addition to the beaches and snorkeling. The weather could not be nicer as it was around 80 degrees with a breeze and plenty of sunshine.

While this is a liberty port, there is a lot of work that is still going on aboard the ship. The engineers are in the process of repairing a head gasket leak on #6 cylinder of the Main Engine. It involved several of the ship rates as well as a few of the ship’s engineers to remove the cylinder head and the failed gasket. Tomorrow it will all go back together again.


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