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TSSOM Blog, Day 36 of 2012 Training Cruise

Friday, June 8th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Maintenance

Bravo Company:Utility

Charlie Company:Watch

Delta Company:Training T7


Over the past 12 hours TS STATE OF MAINE has been heading north towards Bermuda at a speed of just under 13kts. The weather started out fair, but has developed into rain showers this afternoon that have put a temporary stop to the painting efforts. The Deck Maintenance cadets have been serenading (?) the entire ship’s company with their needle guns and chipping hammers on the main deck and forward and after house. They are getting a whole lot done however, so the noise is well worth it!

Yesterday at Quarters two letters from President Brennan were read recognizing Maine Maritime Academy’s contribution to a call for help from the U.S. Coast Guard back in late April. It was a perfect example of how those in the Maritime Industry respond to help each other whenever there is a need. Although the event did not involve specific individuals onboard, it did involve staff and students of our Maine Maritime Academy family. Well done to all of them. The letter has been forwarded with today’s photos.

This evening we will advance our clocks one hour (ZD +3) to coincide with the time in Bermuda. This is done by advancing the clock 20 minutes at 1800 to 1820, then another 20 minutes at 2200 to 2220, and finally another 20 minutes at 0000 to 0020. This allows the change to impact all the watch standers equally.

Also this evening will be a Room and Personnel Inspection for all the cadets except for Watch Company. The inspection will be conducted by the Wedge for both 2/C and 4/C. Fortunately Saturday is a holiday where reveille will be at 0700 and quarters will be at 0800. That will make the time change a little easier.

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