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TSSOM Blog, Day 33 of 2012 Training Cruise

Tuesday, June 5th

2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Utility

Bravo Company:Watch

Charlie Company:Training T7

Delta Company:Maintenance

At Sea

The ship was back in its normal “at sea” routine today as we headed to the northeast towards the outer Antilles, then turned to the north, northwest towards Pillsbury Bay where we will possibly anchor for several hours depending on the weather and permission from the Coast Guard. It is a pretty protected area between St. Thomas and St. John where back in 1997, Maine Maritime Academy’s cruise aboard the Patriot State anchored there. Our intent will be to lower some of the boats to give the boat crews some additional experience.

At 1250 this afternoon, we had another Fire and Boat drill, where the ship’s company responded to the fire, followed by going to our Abandon Ship Stations. The four lifeboats and both Fast Rescue boats were lowered to the embarkation deck. At this point in cruise, a complete accountability of all hands takes only minutes to obtain, while the boat crews have become very efficient in lowering the boats.

An interesting “happening” today for those into astronomy was that Venus transited across the sun at roughly 1630 this afternoon. This is the second time in eight years it has happened, and it will not happen again until the year 2117. (So if you missed it today, you’ve missed it!) Several of us onboard witnessed this using our sextants. Thanks to our watch officer Jerry Thomas for calculating the time it would occur.

More tomorrow!!!

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