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TSSOM Blog, Day 27 of 2012 Training Cruise

Wednesday, May 30th

2000 (ZD +4)



Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Training T7

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Utility


Heading SW Toward Curacao

It was another warm and sunny day with 15 knot easterly trade winds. It’s almost getting monotonous, all these warm and sunny days. But you will hear very few complaints from any aboard. 

Around 1pm this afternoon we were about 15 miles from St. Croix. We then changed course to the SW and are now heading directly for Curacao. Our ETA is still 0800 June 1st. If our speed keeps up we will arrive about 6 hours early. In which case, we will probably do a turn around the island in order to kill some time. 

The trade winds have increased a bit this evening and they are starting to build some seas. The seas are just aft of the port quarter so we are doing a little rolling but not enough to make anyone sick. Had a hazy sunset, but the stars have now come out. The Southern Cross is visible in the sky due south of us. 

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