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TSSOM Blog, Day 26 of 2012 Training Cruise

Tuesday, May 29th

2000 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Training

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Utility



Heading Toward Puerto Rico

I hate to be repetitive but it was “sunny and warm” again today. We did have the easterly trade winds blowing which helped cool things a little. The wind has dropped to about 15kts, making for a very nice evening. 

Our current course will be taking us past the southern coast of Puerto Rico and over towards the Island of St. Croix. From there we will swing SW and head for Curacao. This will put the trades on our port quarter giving us a better ride. We are still scheduled to arrive at 0800 on Friday, June 1st. If we arrive earlier, we will spend the time circling the island. This will give the watch some practice in taking bearings on points of land and light houses.

We had a F & B (Fire and Boat) drill this morning. We didn’t lower the boats to the embarkation deck due to the windy conditions. The wind can make it hard to re-stow the boats in their cradles. 

Drills used to be required once in every week. The new international rules only require F & B drills once a month. We’ve more than fulfilled our quota for May.

A special message to close out today! 

"Happy 21st Birthday Amanda." from 2/C William Ziadeh.

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