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TSSOM Blog, Day 24 of 2012 Training Cruise

Sunday, May 27th

2000 (ZD +4)



Alpha Company:Watch

Bravo Company:Training

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Utility



Traveling NW South of Haiti

Sunny and windy today, the trade winds were blowing from the East about 20 knots all day.

We had one little rain shower around noon but that was all. With the wind and seas on the quarter, we roll a little but not too bad.

Holiday routine was observed today. We had a fine BBQ on the fantail this afternoon. Right now we are making for our rendezvous with the Golden Bear scheduled for about 1100 tomorrow morning. The rendezvous will take place at Lat. 19’-00N and Long. 075’-00” W. or pretty close to that position. We plan on possibly stopping and lowering our rescue boat to go over to the Golden Bear and deliver a few souvenir items. Sending a boat over would depend on the wind and wave conditions. To our knowledge, two school ships have never met like this at sea although there have been several times when school ships have passed each other going in and out of port.

Many thanks to our Sodexo Food Service crew for the tremendous effort in preparation for the BBQ, the set up, and then doing all the clean up. It’s a huge effort, but greatly appreciated by all hands on board. Also, thanks to the Engineering Training Officers for their expert “grill work” cooking up the London Broil, burgers, and hot dogs.






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