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TSSOM Blog, Day 23 of 2012 Training Cruise

Saturday, May 26th


2000 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Training

Bravo Company:Maintenance

Charlie Company:Utility

Delta Company:Watch


Off SE Coast of the Dominican Republic

It was another sunny and warm day. Not as muggy as yesterday so it seemed a bit cooler. Plus we had a bit of a head wind most of the day. More outdoor activity for the deck maintenance people, the usual indoor activity for the engineers.  

We will be meeting the TS Golden Bear (CA Maritime ship) at 1000ish on Monday off the SW coast of Haiti. Pictures will be taken and pleasantries exchanged. Once we leave the Golden Bear we will most likely turn to the east, passing south of Puerto Rico and heading towards the Virgin Islands before turning south and heading for Curacao.

Tomorrow is a Holiday at sea. A chance for everyone to take a bit of a break from the daily routine. Of course the watch-standers will still stand their watches. Sometimes we stop the ship, weather and time permitting. But tomorrow, time won’t permit if we hope to keep our appointment with the Golden Bear.

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