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MMASSP Travel Reimbursement Guidelines


Only actual and necessary expenses essential to the professional development activity will be reimbursed. All expenses must be governed by the rule of reasonable and proper.

1) Receipted bills must accompany all reimbursement vouchers for meals, lodging, tolls and unusual expenditures. (Unusual expenditures should be fully explained on the reimbursement voucher.)

No member shall be reimbursed for any meals or lodgings if their work location or residence is within a reasonable distance from development activity. The number of meals and nights of lodging should be within reason for the period of time needed to conduct the professional development activity.

2) Reasonable expense for meals not to exceed $5.00 for breakfast; $7.00 for lunch; and $12.00 for supper (tax and gratuities included).

Effective 11/01/2007 mileage will be paid at the rate of $.35/mile; $.41/mile for handicap-equipped vehicles; and $.37/mile for carpooling. Whenever possible, members should make every effort to use carpools and must indicate on voucher the names of those members who carpooled.

Those individuals who are traveling under state expenses at the time of an approved activity shall not request duplicate payment from the Professional Development Fund.

On attendance at conferences, anything short of participation through the end of the conference is short-changing your co-members and defeating the purposes of the fund. 

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