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MMASSP Professional Development

There shall be established a Staff, Support and Professional Unit Committee on Professional Development fund and shall utilize the guidelines outlined below.

1.      The committee shall meet and confer regarding criteria for the awarding of Professional Development fund and shall utilize the guidelines outlined below.

A.    Application:

                                                                         I.      Any Unit employee who has completed 6 months of service to the Academy is eligible to make application.

                                                                      II.      A Unit member seeking Professional Development funding should submit an application to the Professional development Committee via his/her supervisor if approval of work time is needed.

                                                                   III.      The Supervisor shall then recommend the approval or disapproval of the application and forward it to the Committee.

                                                                   IV.      The Committee shall review the application(s) and shall select, within the available funds, those requests which satisfy the criteria set forth in Article 17, C, 3 of the Staff, Support and Professional Unit contract.

                                                                      V.      Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis, until the allocated funds for the fiscal year are committed Applications should be made as soon as the date of the requested activity is known. If the Committee determines that the circumstances warrant, applications can be made for a professional development activity a member had attended but did not make application for, provided the activity occurred during the fiscal year.

                                                                   VI.      The Committee will notify the applicant of the decision to approve or disapprove the request. This notification will also include the amount of funding authorized.

B.     Reporting - Each member who receives a funding commitment must submit, within 14 days after completion of approved program, a wriitn report to the professional Development Committee.  This report must contain:

                                                                         I.      An itemized list of the costs, with receipts, which are to be covered by the approved funds;

                                                                      II.      Copies, if any, of the program description, and certificates of completion.

C.     Funds Distribution: The established criteria for the consideration and distribution of the Staff, Support and Professional Unit Development Funds shall be:

                                                                         I.      That approved funding will normally be reimbursed to the member after the successful completion of the approved activity, and upon the completion of the reporting requirements in subparagraph 1.b. “Reporting”.

                                                                      II.      The member may receive an advance of the approved funding for any costs the member pre-paid and can document. Also the member may have certain costs, such as airline tickets and registration fees, prepaid by the fund direct to the company or institution.

                                                                   III.      The Committee will consider the reimbursement for costs associated with the approved activity. These include costs such as; course registration fees, meals, lodging and transportation. Transportation reimbursement will be consistent with current Academy travel policy.

                                                                   IV.      Failure to comply with the reporting requirements in subparagraph 1.b. “Reporting” will result in cancellation of the approved request at which time the allocation will be returned to the Development fund for use by other members.

                                                                      V.      Members who have a funding commitment and who are not able to expend the approved funds must notify the Committee as soon as possible so that other request of members can be considered.

D.    Limitations:

                                                                         I.      Members may receive up to $1,000.00 in funding on or before March 1st of each fiscal year.

                                                                      II.      Providing funds are available members may make multiple requests or may request funding for activities more than $1,000.00 after March 1st.

                                                                   III.      Special requests will be reviewed by the Committee if a member circumstances are outside of above guidelines.



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