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Tom Brown - Varsity Sailing Coach

Tom was introduced to sailing the coast of Maine by his parents, at the age of 8.  Two years later the Brown family faced the loss of Tom's lower right leg to cancer.  That didn't affect his love of the sport- he has been sailing and racing with an prosthetic leg ever since.      

Tom joined Maine Maritime Academy as Varsity Sailing Coach in the late fall of 2008.

In 1997 he dedicated himself to an Olympic campaign and two years later he was a nationally ranked member of the 1999 US Sailing Team  in the Soling class.

Significant Achievements

2000  2.4 Meter Paralympics Bronze Medalist  

2001 US Sailing’s Male Athlete of the Year            

2001  2.4 Meter World Silver Medalist                    

2002  World Disabled Sailing 2.4 Meter Bronze Medalist                     

 2004  Paralympics Silver Medalist                            

2006  Pretrial’s Gold Medalist                                 

2007  Disabled Sonar World Silver Medalist          

2008  Disabled Sonar Trials Silver Medalist

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