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Why we are going to Loeb-Sullivan

Kristi Gordon - Class of 2009

Maine Maritime Academy has the style of classes that I connected best with; a small environment with teachers who know your name and who are willing to set aside their own schedules to help their students. My B.S at MMA in Marine Biology has prepared me for the rest of my life, gaining skills in many areas such as research, and writing style, with substance.

I have learned a lot from my professors in this field. I also had time to participate on a championship volleyball team, work on the yearbook and sing in our well respected a cappella group. I am looking forward to my experience with a new set of professors in the Graduate Program.

I feel that obtaining a Master's Degree, especially from Loeb-Sullivan School at MMA, which has such a good reputation for both education and for job placement, will benefit me with more job opportunities in many different areas. Even though it is early in the semester, I've already developed a more global view of companies and I am starting to understand the complexities of international working environments. I'm excited to be here because I'll be able to expand my knowledge base outside of science to include financial and organizational concepts of international business. I know this will help me achieve the short and long-term goals that I've set.

Stephen Godfroy - Class of 2009

My name is Stephen Godfroy and I was an undergraduate student at Maine Maritime Academy. While completing my undergraduate work in Small Vessel Operations I learned about the private yacht industry and became quite interested in this field of the maritime industry. I decided that I wanted to make a career in the yachting industry, both as a crewmember and as a yacht charterer. In order to be able to become a charterer I knew that I should continue my education with the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics and get a masters degree in Maritime Management.

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Stephen Godfroy (Waltham, MA)
Kristi Gordon (Auburn, ME)
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