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Co-op Perspectives


“There are aspects of every profession that cannot be learned in the classroom but must be learned where that profession is practiced   .  .  .   Judgment based upon experience must supplement theory.”

~Herman Schneider, engineering professor at the University of Cincinnati

“I look at the coop program this way. I am helping the school, and the student, and my facility. I get an extra pair of hands for the summer for those projects that never get done. I also get to look at a prospective employee;  it’s a three-month job interview.”

~Alumnus, Class of 1988

“There is a course we teach that you won’t find in the course catalog.  It’s called ‘confidence’ and our students learn it from cadet shipping, co-op courses and internships.”

~Alumnus, Class of 1973

“My internship was the best course in my major.”

~IBL student, Class of 2006

“If you keep....your ears open and learn from the people you work with, things seem to work out.”

~ VOT Student, Class of 2008


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