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Maine Maritime Academy’s Regiment of Midshipmen Changes Student Leadership

CASTINE, Maine – The Regiment of Midshipmen at Maine Maritime Academy celebrated its change in student leadership at a change of command ceremony February 4, at the Alexander Field-house.

The ceremony relieved the outgoing senior class of their responsibility as Regiment leaders and placed that responsibility on the elected junior class students.

The following students were recognized for their hard work and dedication for the Regiment as the outgoing leadership: Mason Hall, Regimental Commander; Angela Fouquette, Executive Officer; Ethan Dublin, Operations Officer; Benjamin Russell, Adjutant; Kyle Leackfeldt, Chief Adjutant; Zachary Newman, Auditor, Kevin Grove, Master at Arms; Kathryn Haenn, Public Relations Officer; Tucker Doane, Morale Officer; Ethan Wall, Alpha Company Commander; Tate Wagstaff, Bravo Company Commander; Kevin Beard, Charlie Company Commander; Robert Baribeau, Delta Company Commander; Rushton Westcott, Drill Team Company Commander; Benjamin Cobleigh, Band Master; Benjamin Cattley, Cadet Master; Eric Von Hohenleiten, Senior Mentor; Patrick Gallagher, Cadet Relief Chief; Charlie Bellafiore, Cadet Chief Mate; and Logan Doustan, Cadet Chief Engineer.

The following junior class regimental students will take command for the following year: Travis Norwood, Regimental Commander; Henri Levesque, Executive Officer; Owen Mims, Operations Officer; Jay Baker, Adjutant; Thomas Whitney, Auditor; Jonathan Eddy, Master at Arms; Rebecca Metcalf, Public Relations Officer; Benjamin Vaal, Morale Officer; Spencer Lawn, Alpha Company Commander; Ryan Ramsay, Bravo Company Commander; Jordan Taylor, Charlie Company Commander; Sean Grandmaison, Delta Company Commander; Kevin Pettengill, Drill Team Company Commander; William Silver, Band Master; Charles Spear, Cadet Master; Benjamin King, Cadet Chief Mate; Ethan Stubbs, Cadey Chief Engineer; and Mitchell Cobb, Cadet Relieving Engineer.

In the Regiment of Midshipmen, Maine Maritime Academy students learn, apply and practice leadership and management theory. Learning is accomplished through formal instruction, personal observation, and practical application.

“Many schools have Cadres of Cadets or Regiments of Midshipmen.  Those student leaders will preside over musters and breaches of conduct much as ours will.  However, we are one of the few schools who challenge their student leaders to manage and lead outside the walls of the institution.  The leaders that will turn over the reins today planned and executed a training cruise that took a 499 foot ship of over 16,000 tons to the Caribbean and back, visiting 5 ports along the way,” said Nate Gandy, Commandant of Midshipmen.

The following courses of study require participation in the Regiment: Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Systems Engineering - License Track, Marine Systems Engineering - Non-license Track, and Marine Transportation Operations. Students in other majors may join the Regiment but it is not required for program completion.

For more information on the Regiment, visit the Maine Maritime Academy website at:

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