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CASTINE, Maine - While Maine Maritime Academy's Training Ship State of Maine officially got underway yesterday, the cruise web page got underway a week earlier on Facebook.  The Cruise Facebook page provides followers with updates from the Captain, as well as photos and videos from numerous contributors.

This is the first year this has been done exclusively on Facebook.  In past years, this was performed on the Academy's website.  When asked about the change, Director of Public Affairs, Mike Whetston, responded, "You do not have to have a Facebook account to access the Cruise page.  We purposely set the viewing parameters to 'public' so all interested followers could access the content. We felt Facebook offers us more opportunities for engagement, for real-time news and content, and for contributions from outside sources so we opted to try it this way in 2012."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the were five days of updates, announcements on emergency communication, and nearly 50 photos.  Over 400 people had "liked" the page and the number was rising rapidly.  And the ship had only been underway for only about 30 hours.

Interested followers can access the content by clicking the following link:  Facebook members are encouraged to "like" the page in order to receive feeds from the page automatically.

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