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TSSOM Blog, Day 55 of 2012 Training Cruise

Wednesday, June 27th

    2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Maintenance

Bravo Company:Watch

Charlie Company:Training T 10

Delta Company:Utility


Today we were greeted with blue skies and plenty of sunshine so a lot of work was accomplished out on deck. Since we have plenty of “sleeve time”, we headed up the Hudson Canyon to the Ambrose Traffic Lane that heads into the New York Harbor. We arrived there around 1200, and then turned east heading outbound in the Ambrose to Nantucket Traffic Lane. This way we picked up more traffic for the Deck students to deal with. We were also within cell tower range for a brief period, which did not go unnoticed by at least some of the students.

Our intention is to stay on an easterly heading until tomorrow morning passing the “Cape” (Cape Cod) before heading up to the Gulf of Maine.

Deck Training has been demonstrating how to extract injured personnel from confined spaces using a litter. It takes a lot of team work so it is very worthwhile to practice this sort of thing before we would need to do it. 

Tomorrow is the last training day. So after that, all hands will be “turning to” in order to prepare the ship for our Parent’s Cruise and eventual “End of Cruise” on Monday.


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