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TSSOM Blog, Day 54 of 2012 Training Cruise

Tuesday, June 26th

    2100 (ZD +4)


Alpha Company:Utility

Bravo Company:Training T10

Charlie Company:Maintenance

Delta Company:Watch


The seas calmed down considerably overnight, and the winds backed to the west so the ship has had a much smoother ride for the past day than it had last night and we expect improving conditions tomorrow. 

The day began with a memorial as we transited past the USS MONITOR Marine Sanctuary. This is a column of water extending from the ocean surface to the sea bed and is one nautical mile in diameter directly over where the MONITOR sank 150 years ago in a gale. The Cadets, staff, faculty and crew offered a moment of silence and a hand salute to the 16 sailors who lost their lives onboard. The MONITOR represented many extreme changes and milestones in ship design that have carried on for decades. The ship and sailors were the pioneers of Maritime history.

Later in the morning, we again launched two of the mini-sailboats that we had launched on our way south, but had blown ashore in the Carolinas in a storm. We were careful to stay in the Gulf Stream so they hopefully move within it to the northeast and on to Europe.

More Tomorrow!


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