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Resident Rights & Responsibilities


Curtis Hall - student residence


* co-educational dorm, (not dorms)
* 300 rooms, double occupancy
* regimental and traditional housing
* semi-private and community lavatories
* resident director/assistants
* internet and e-mail access 2/room
* private telephone access
* cable tv hookup
* campus bookstore
* health services
* counseling center
* 24-hr. security office
* regimental offices
* barbershop
* study lounge
* student game/recreation center
* student government offices
*computer center
* 12 laundry rooms


Dining HallAlfond Student Center and Dining Hall

* campus dining areas
* WAYPOINT snack bar
* game area
* postal boxes
* student services office
* public affairs office
* classrooms, conference/meeting rooms



RecreationRecreation Facilities

* basketball gymnasium
* fieldhouse (multi-purpose)
* climbing wall
* all-purpose athletic field
* indoor tennis/volleyball courts
* swimming pool
* weight and aerobic rooms
* racquetball/handball/squash courts
* fleet of boats
* public golf course (across street)
* Maine coast




CommunityThe students of Maine Maritime form a community of men and women assembled for the pursuit of learning. As a member of this group, you have a relationship with several levels of "Community." These relationships include those with your roommate, your hall section, your fellow students on and off campus, your faculty, administrators and the local and surrounding communities.

Admission to this college carries with it the assumption of both a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the community and an obligation to contribute positively to it. Also assumed are obligations on the part of each individual to respect the rights of others and to protect the Academy as a forum for the free expression of ideas.

As a member of your community, you have the right to:

  • study without undue interference, unreasonable noise and other distractions.
  • sleep without undue disturbance from noise and distractions.
  • expect that others (including roommates) will respect your personal belongings.
  • live in an environment kept clean by those who live in it.
  • access your room and the facilities provided for residents.
  • host guests with the expectation that you will be responsible for their actions and that you will escort them while they are in the building.
  • discuss concerns with Residential Life staff members who can assist in addressing the concern
  • expect that these rights will be respected.

As a member of your community, your responsibilities include:

  • verbally expressing your views in a civil manner to the person(s) involved, should you believe that your rights were violated.
  • treating other residents and staff members with the same respect and consideration that you would expect.
  • understanding all policies and regulations necessary for the residence hall and campus communities to function.
  • abide by these policies and regulations.
  • respectfully respond to all reasonable requests from fellow students.
  • responding to and cooperating with Residential Life and Academy staff members.
  • recognizing that community cannot exist if any individual is excluded.

Action, direct or covert that discriminates on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability, national origin age or sexual orientation cannot be tolerated in a community based on mutual respect and cooperation.

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