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ActiveActive best describes our student body. If you like to be involved in various activities, organizations, hobbies, and/or athletics, you'll be right at home with 85% of our students.

A distinguishing feature of our student life is the blend of students who follow a traditional college lifestyle and those who participate in the Regiment of Midshipmen.

Lifestyle choice is usually determined by your academic major (see note below) but all students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of the regiment. Currently our student body has about 55% participation in the regiment.

RegimentRegardless of lifestyle, you are not limited in your ability to associate and participate. Traditional and regimented students live in the same residence hall (even roommates), attend the same classes, and are eligible to participate in all campus clubs, organizations, activities, and athletics.

Challenge yourself, get involved, and enjoy the experience.

NOTE: Participation in the Regiment of Midshipmen is a federal requirement for students majoring in Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Systems Engineering-License Track, Marine Systems Engineering-Non-license Track (first year only), and Marine Transportation Operations and are seeking an unlimited license from the U. S. Coast Guard. We are not a military academy and there is NO military obligation after graduation if you are in the Regiment.

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