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Wait List Frequently Asked Questions

Wait List Policy

Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) strives to meet its academic enrollment goals each year. The college’s Office of Admissions acts on applications on a rolling basis until the goals for enrollment are met for the selected academic major or for the entire incoming class. Accordingly, candidates for admission are accepted each year based on an estimate of yield (the percentage of admitted candidates who actually enroll).

 With this in mind, the college maintains a Wait List for those candidates who meet admission criteria, yet apply after program or enrollment capacity has been met. These candidates are offered placement on the Wait List. In the event that the yield falls short of projections, Maine Maritime Academy will draw students from the Wait List to fill vacancies in the academic program or incoming class.

Wait List Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wait List ranked?

No.  The Wait List is not numbered or ranked. If we go to the Wait List, we shall go first to the candidates who have communicated their desire to attend MMA.  We will review all the applications of those candidates who have reserved a place on the Wait List to select the most qualified candidates and determine the order in which offers of admission will be made. Our selections will be made in an attempt to round out the class with regard to all the academic and personal talents and qualities we have reviewed.

If a major is full, can a candidate switch majors to gain entry to MMA, but switch back to the original major later?

MMA cannot guarantee a change of major upon enrollment. Wait List candidates are strongly discouraged from attempting to switch their application major in an effort to gain outright admission to the incoming class with the intent to change back to their original major once on-campus. This is typically not possible due to capacity limits of our specialized facilities (simulators, labs, training vessels).

How long will a candidate be on the Wait List?

Once the class is fully enrolled, all candidates remaining on the Wait List will be notified by letter no later than July 1 that we will not be offering admission to any more students. Wait List students will not be considered for the Spring semester.

Circumstances which create openings (students who decide not to return, students who cancel admission, etc.) are beyond our control. Candidates will be notified as soon as possible, but likely no earlier than May 15.  We will not know how many students have sent a deposit until that date.  We anticipate that most candidates accepted off the Wait List (if any) will be notified between May 15 and June 15.  Once the class is fully enrolled, all candidates remaining on the Wait List will be notified by letter no later than July 1 that we are no longer offering admission.

Once informed of Wait List status, what happens next?

If offered a position on the Wait List and you still want to remain in consideration, please reply to the email sent to your email address given on the application or call MMA Admissions as soon as possible. We will keep only those candidates who indicate they wish to remain on the Wait List. We respectfully request candidates to inform MMA if they have made a final decision to attend another college. Once a candidate indicates their preference, they will receive confirmation from the Office of Admissions. This will be provided via email within approximately 7-10 calendar days. Admissions can be reached at (207)326-2207.

How does MMA notify a candidate that they have been admitted off the Wait List?

MMA will attempt to phone all candidates who are to be accepted off the Wait List; if a candidate is still interested in enrolling, we will send an acceptance letter.

Is there anything a candidate can do to increase their chances of being admitted?

Not really. Since we will be carefully monitoring each candidates academic performance, the most positive thing that can be done is to work hard and do the absolute best in school.

 How many people are currently on the Wait List?

We will not know the exact number until after May 1.

How many students will eventually be accepted off the Wait List this year?

This is hard to predict. The last (and only) time we employed a Wait List, we accepted 6 off it.

Can a candidate choose the semester to enroll?

No.  Candidates offered a place on the Wait List will not have the option to select the semester for which they would be admitted.  Candidates offered admission off of the Wait List will be for the Fall semester only.

Should Wait List candidates deposit at another college?

Yes.  If required by the institution of choice, candidates should send a deposit to another college or university to secure a space in case MMA is unable to offer admission.

If a candidate is accepted off the MMA Wait List, they will be asked to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to MMA within one week of admission.  At that time, the candidate should also notify the institution at which they have deposited that their intentions have changed, as the college also may have candidates on a wait list.

Will there be any financial aid for students accepted off the waiting list?

If admitted, candidates who have completed the financial aid application process will receive an Estimated Award Letter.

If accepted, will housing be available?

We expect to house all first-year students on campus, as our housing policy requires. Assignments to first-choice roommates may not be possible with limited space.

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