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MMAAA President's Page

First and foremost, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to  represent you as President of the Maine Maritime Academy Alumni Association. It  is a great honor, and I can assure you that the Association will continue to do  its best to support the Academy as it moves into the future while upholding the  proud, strong traditions that made Maine Maritime Academy what it is today.       One of my goals is to increase the percentage of alumni that make  a gift to the Academy each and every year. Why is this important?

• Alumni  participation is widely recognized as the best way to measure alumni  satisfaction with their education.   

• Many  foundations consider a college’s alumni participation rate when awarding  grants. The higher our rate, the better our chances are  for grants. • Alumni  participation directly impacts the reputation of the Academy because it is used  in national rankings such as U.S. News & World Report. As MMA’s  ranking rises, so does the reputation of the Academy and the value of your  degree.

I am ever aware of, and grateful for, the impact that MMA has had  on my life. The hands-on education that I received prepared me well for a  successful career. Perhaps even more important are the lifelong friendships I  established and the opportunity MMA afforded me to spread my wings and see the  world.        

I ask that you too, reflect on all that MMA has meant to you, and  make a gift today. Gifts can be made online at or you  may send your contribution in the giving envelope attached to this magazine. If  you have any questions please call the Academy’s development office at  207-326-2223.        

When it comes to alumni participation, the fact that we give is as  important as the amount that we give.   The size of our gifts may vary, but each of us counts the same for  participation. Together, as fellow alumni, we share a bond that will last a  lifetime. And together we can continue to make a difference by providing the  same great opportunities we experienced for future students.         Sincerely,

 Jim Proulx '85

 For further information on how to get involved, please contact the Alumni Affairs office at 207-326-2337 or visit our website at

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