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Marine Biology & Small Vessel Operations (MB/SVO)

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Maine Secondary Education Teaching Certification

The following sequence of courses will be taken by candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, Associate of Science in Small Vessel Operations and a USCG 200-ton Mate license.

Fall Semester

  • Bi-101 Biology I
  • Ch-210 Chemistry I
  • Hc-111 Composition
  • Os-101 Intro to Marine Science
  • Ns101 Intro to Nautical Science or
  • Pe-100/114 Sailing/Ocean Survival

Spring Semester

  • Bi-102 Biology II
  • Ms-101 Precalculus, or Ms-150 Calculus I
  • Ch-220 Chemistry II
  • Hc-112 Humanities I
  • Os-001 Ocean Studies Seminar I
  • Pe-xxx Phys. Ed. (Swim related)

Fall Semester

  • Ch-310 Organic Chemistry
  • Os-002 Ocean Studies Seminar II
  • Ps-102 Technical Physics I
  • Bi-220 Marine Botany
  • Ms-150 or Ms-160 Calculus I or II (if precalc in previous semester)
  • USCG1 Firefighting

Spring Semester

  • Bi-210 Marine Zoology
  • Ps-201 Technical Physics II
  • Ms-160 Calculus II, or Free Elective I (if Ms-150 in previous semester)
  • Os-203 Design and Applied Statistics in Science
  • Os-003 Os Seminar III
  • Free Elective I
  • Pe-xxx Physical Education

Fall Semester

  • Bi-201 Ecology
  • Bi-301 Physiology of Marine Organisms
  • Os-004 OS Seminar IV
  • Ns-103 Intro to Small Vessel Operations
  • Pe-xxx Physical Education
  • Humanities/Social Science Elective I

Spring Semester

  • Bi-308 Cell Biology
  • Bi-312 Genetics
  • Bi/Os xxx Dept. Elective I
  • Os-005 OS Seminar V
  • Os-400 Research Preparation
  • Ns-241 Seamanship

Fall Semester

  • Hc-211 Humanities
  • Os-006 Os Seminar VI
  • Os-401 Research Project
  • Humanities/Social Science Elective II
  • Bi/Os xxx Department Elective II

Spring Semester

Co-223 SVO Coop Work Experience I

Fall Semester

  • Ns-271 Terrestrial Navigation I
  • Ns-272 Terrestrial Navigation I Lab
  • Ns-122 Cargo I
  • Ns-232 Marine Systems
  • SVO Department¬† Elective

Spring Semester

  • Ns-292 Electronic Navigation I
  • Ns-262 Navigation Rules
  • Ns-221 Meteorology
  • Ns-298 Topics in Nautical Science
  • Ns-299 200-ton License Preparation

Marine Biology Department Electives:

  • Ichthyology
  • Marine Mammalogy (with COA)
  • Advanced Psychology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Marine Invertebrates
  • Development of Marine Organisms
  • Any Ocean Studies upper level courses or electives


This unique five-year dual major, double degree program (Bachelor of Science,Marine Biology and Associate in Science, Small Vessel Operation) is not offered at any other college in the nation.

  • Marine Biology students develop subject breadth through course in marine botany, zoology, ecology, physiology, cell biology, and genetics. It prepares generalists in the field of marine biology, with particular emphasis on the development of problem-solving and decision-making skills in an ocean setting.
  • SVO curriculum, along with a cooperative work experience during the summer following the fourth year,¬† prepares you to sit for a USCG 200 ton mate, near coastal, (up to 200 miles offshore) license.
  • Graduates of the program may pursue employment in the various fields of marine sciences (resource management, aquaculture, research, environmental protection, science education, or oceanography, to name a few possibilities) or graduate education, as well as prepare students for positions of responsibility in the operation and management of a variety of vessels from yachts to small commercial craft.
  • Participation in the Regiment of Midshipmen is optional.
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